HCM Legal

Branding, Website Design & Development

The Challenge

HCM Legal is a small legal firm based in Brisbane. Since launching the company last year they had few enquires and were not ranking well on Google. Not only that, but competition in Brisbane for finding lawyers online is stiff. Our challenge was to rebrand, redesign and develop a brand that would compete in what appeared to be a very crowded market. This was just our type of project and we couldn’t wait to get our teeth into it!

Our Solution

Our solution began with detailed online research into the current market, their branding and their websites. The competition was tough, but there was definitely space for a bright, friendly, modern brand to come in and take the market by storm. Using a combination of colour research, typographic treatment and some simple graphics the HCM brand was reborn. The curve in the H representing the waves of the ocean and a powerful confident strapline was combined to create something clean yet effective.

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