Studio 21 have been working with Agnes for many years, and it was time for a complete refresh.

Agnes is a community devoted to reimagining ageing, disseminating insights and possibilities through its website and network. With the aim of raising awareness about transformative initiatives in the aged-care sector, Agnes is steadfast in driving positive change.

In pursuit of aligning with their renewed focus on aged care, Agnes approached Studio 21 for a comprehensive website redesign. The existing site, laden with irrelevant content, necessitated a complete overhaul. Agnes envisioned a platform that would spotlight their partner companies and serve as a hub for sharing articles and ideas.

Our strategic approach began with a revitalisation of the Agnes brand, bringing it up to date in 2023. This involved creating a fresh design system and a new logo wordmark. Streamlining the Agnes brand paved the way for a modern website design. In Stage 1 of the website, we adopted a simple yet effective design, showcasing partner businesses, along with a blog and article template tailored for responsive devices and optimal legibility. A dynamic contact form was integrated to facilitate seamless communication between Agnes and the associated companies.

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