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What we do & how it works

We understand the importance of making your brand reflect your business, relate to your customer and stand out from the crowd. Working closely with you, Studio 21 will build a strong and lasting brand identity that effectively markets and positions your brand and makes your brand truly memorable.

Our Design Process

Studio 21 follows a design process that is aimed at getting the best result for our clients. We will of course tailor this process to suit your brand requirements.

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The discovery session is a deep-dive into your company to not only learn about your business, but discover your challenges and discuss your ideals. This will give us the tools we need to create your brand. This session can last from 1-3hrs.

Studio 21 conceptualizes and designs the initial logos for your brand, as well as researches colour treatment, photography, typography and iconography.

The agreed number of  branding concepts are presented to you for review.

Revisions are submitted from yourselves, and Studio 21 creates round 2 designs based on this feedback.

Revised brand designs are submitted to you for final approval. This is where it gets exciting!

Final logo files, iconography and brand elements are created in all formats for use across all your touch points.

Your brand identity document is designed outlining logo usage, typography, colour palette, photography, and any key graphic styles.

The final brand document is provided to you for use across all your brand communication.

We’d love to work with you to design extended brand assets, such as business cards, letterheards, social media assets. Simply tell us what you need and we will add this to the project scope.

Featured work

Studio 21 has had the pleasure to work with some remarkable brands from various industries and regions of the globe.

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