Assure Cloud Consulting

Assure Cloud Consulting is a Microsoft Assure consultancy with a mission is to help their clients become agile, scalable, and future-proof in the cloud age.

Assure Cloud Consulting contacted Studio 21 to help reinvent their agency. The previous company, named Solid Code Solutions was being renamed as Assure Cloud Consulting and required not only a full brand design, but a new website to go along side it. Studio 21 was more than happy to assist.

The main pain point for them was that his current company did not attract the kind of clients they wanted. They wanted to approach professionals within specific higher profile sectors, and their current brand look and feel simply didn’t connect with them. Our task was to realign the new brand with their prospective audience in order to connect with them, and in turn help drive more leads for their business.

The agency wasn’t a huge corporation, it was quite personal. We wanted this to shine through with their brand, in the tone of voice, the language, the photography and the graphics.

The identity was centred around bringing everything into back to basics, this was also one of the companies goals. The idea was based on the fundamentals of coding; binary. a simple 1 and 0 combined into the shape of an “A” became the iconic symbol for the brand. The colours connected with his audience, and the graphics were kept minimal and abstract so as to not distract from the content.

The website execution was a balance of sophistication and approachability. We didn’t want the website to feel stuffy, nor bland, but we also wanted it to feel professional. Keeping the colours to black, white with highlights of blue allowed us to deliver on this.


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