Branding and eCommerce design for Australia's most popular whisky appreciation club.

AWAS (Austalian Whisky Appreciation Society) are independent bottlers of Australia’s finest whisky. They called upon Studio 21 to help them elevate their brand and re-platform them from WooCommerce to Shopify.

AWAS was originally branded in 2014, and up until now it had served it’s purpose. But with the company wanting to re-position the brand, they called upon Studio 21. On top of this, their website was causing serious issues, from both a technical and user experience perspective. We had our work cut out here, but we knew what to do.

Studio 21 created AWAS an all new identity, including logo, typography, colour scheme, art-direction and design system. The system was rolled into not only a luxury website design, but also a fully customised Shopify store. The website include unique, customised landing pages for their whisky categories, as well as custom dynamic data for each individual product. The results speak for themselves! We love this project, and so do the AWAS team.

The biggest challenge AWAS wanted to drastically improve their organic SEO, and the challenge sat with Shopify and their fixed URL structure. With multiple categories of Whisky, the AWAS team wanted to be able to add unique SEO content and meta to 3rd level URLs (ie: collections/whisky/tasmanian-whisky). This is not standard functionality of Shopify websites, but Studio 21 created a unique solution for them to be able to do so, leaving them in a position where they could grow the website exponentially over the next few years.


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