Bacchus Constructions

Bacchus Constructions is a high-end residential construction company specialising in exceptional architecturally designed homes.

With over a decade of extensive experience in creating luxury residential projects, Bacchus has proved over and over again that they are capable of delivering any project to the highest level of details. When they approached Studio 21 to design and develop their website, we know we had to do this work proud.

The Bacchus website was slow, clunky and did not at all represent the high end work they provide their clients. Our job was to elevate this by creating a luxury website, that not only performed well, but showcased their work as best as possible.

We worked as hard as possible to bring to life the Bacchus work within their budget. By sticking to Wordpress as a platform of choice, we managed to reduce costs without the compromise of quality. The website is simple, but simplicity was exactly what we wanted in order to let the work speak for itself. Page entrance animations, and subtle scroll animations gave the site a more sophisticated aesthetic.

We know through experience, that bringing a luxury feel to a site you not only need simplicity, but you need everything to feel seamless, smooth and considered. This takes time, especially in development. We pushed ourselves to the absolute limit with the time we had available, but would have loved to spend longer elevating this site even more.


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