Bareibunn Engineering

Bareibunn Engineering specialises in administering, managing, supervising, coordinating and constructing civil infrastructure works.

Bareibunn, a dynamic collective of industry professionals boasting expertise in engineering, construction supervision, trade, plant operations, environmental studies, and project management, approached our agency. Despite their specialized backgrounds, Bareibunn is united by a common commitment to achieving superior construction outcomes, coupled with a fervent dedication to promoting Aboriginal participation and fostering diversity within the sector.

As a new company, Bareibunn faced formidable competition. Recognising the need to establish themselves as a prominent player in the industry, they enlisted Studio 21 to conceptualise, develop, and host their new website.

Studio 21 embarked on a mission to underscore the comprehensive services that Bareibunn offers while crafting a website design that would position them as authoritative experts in engineering, construction, and project management support. Our goal was to convey professionalism, confidence, and trustworthiness through a modern, responsive design with a mobile-first approach. The result is a website that embodies simplicity, sophistication, and memorability. By seamlessly integrating brand colors and photography tones throughout the site, we’ve achieved a cohesive visual identity. This marks the successful completion of phase one, with more enhancements planned for an extensive and impactful website experience.

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