FYI (Frozen Yoghurt & Ice-Cream)

Join us for a sweet journey of self-discovery at the all new FYI dessert bar!

FYI is Australia’s innovative take on the self-serve dessert bar experience. Offering a departure from the conventional paid-by-weight model, FYI’s unique approach charges customers by cup size, eliminating surprises at the checkout. Pay at the start, and fill your cup to the brim – a delightful twist on the ordinary.

As FYI aims to make a mark in Australia with a second store opening in January, establishing a compelling online presence becomes crucial. Recognising the need for an impressive digital footprint to complement their in-store experience, FYI turned to the expertise of Studio 21. Additionally, the launch of their delivery business demanded a robust and efficient delivery app.

Embracing a growth-oriented mindset, we approached this project comprehensively. With new stores opening, dynamic menus, and a delivery service in play, our approach was holistic. We advised on the seamless integration of the in-store Point of Sale (POS) system with the ordering app. Opting for Shopify as the website platform provided scalability for future merchandise expansion. Studio 21 also facilitated collaboration with photographers for brand and eCommerce photoshoots. The result is a visually stunning website design that captures the essence of the FYI brand, effectively conveying the unique experience of their enchanting dessert bars.

Time constraints were a constant challenge, particularly when aligning deliverables with physical store openings. The pressure was on to synchronise everything with predetermined dates. Embracing the opportunity, we thrived on the challenge and delivered on time.

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