MediStays makes it easy to find a safe and trusted place to stay, often at the most challenging time of people’s lives.

MediStays partners with health organisations across Australia in supporting patients, carers and families to book trusted accommodation. Earlier this year they partnered with Studio 21 to help them redesign and develop their website with an emphasis on elevating their user experience, as well as modernising their brand appearance online.

The MediStays website had not been updated from a design standpoint for quite some years, and it was starting to show. The mobile experience was poor and the overall UX of the site was disjointed. MediStays were after a slick, functional, elegant website they could update themselves, which also allowed then to scale over time.

Studio 21 worked closely with the MediStays team to deliver a Wordpress/Elementor website with all the bells and whistles that was spot on brand. We created a unique design system, including colours, typography, buttons, icons and photography, as well as logo adjustments in order to modernise their brand mark. The final outcome was a beautifully streamlined, SEO friendly website with complete consistency across all elements.

SEO is always a challenge when you restructure a website, and one of the biggest challenges was trying to reduce the impact of URL changes. We did this by redirecting all old URLs to the new pages, and implementing breadcrumbs across a hierarchical site structure to help Google crawl the site.

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