Sip Yerba

Sip Yerba sell Yerba maté, an ancient herbal tea first consumed by the indigenous Guaraní people of South America.

Sip Yerba approached Studio 21 to redesign their Shopify store with the goal of improving the visual aesthetic, fix the user experience, elevate the brand, and in turn increase sales online.

The main problem were were brought it to fix was based on the visuals. Sip Yerba has a lot of great visuals they were using for Social media, but were not utilising these on the website. Our challenge was to design the store utilising these new (and quite awesome) visuals created by the team at L&A Social.

After retouching the photographs to align with the Sip Yerba brand colours, we were able to design the small eCommerce website with ease. The website now looks modern, bright, and importantly on-brand. The messaging is clear and consistent across all pages, and the website user experience has definitely been elevate, making it easy to purchase online.

The previous Sip Yerba website was rather disjointed, with copy repeating on multiple pages and images that didn’t necessarily relate to the messages. Our challenge was to scrape the site, and realign this copy with the brand visuals. It was not an easy challenge, but we feel that the end result reads and presents the product in a much better light.

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