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In the modern age of digitisation, business organisations need various technological tools to remain competitive in the market. Whether it is a dedicated business website to connect with a global audience, robust web hosting, or digital marketing, businesses of all sizes have multiple essential technological needs.

Investing in technology yields good returns. However, to implement various technological solutions, it is necessary to enlist the services of trained and experienced professionals.

Studio 21 is a professional agency with over 20 years of experience providing cutting-edge technological solutions to business organisations. We are proficient in website design and development, SEO strategies and Google Ads management. Moreover, we also offer the Best Cloud Hosting Gold Coast. Our services are available for all kinds of professional business organisations, from start-ups to established companies.

Hosting and Maintenance Services

Cloud hosting uses virtual servers spread across the cloud to support websites and applications’ computing and data storage needs. There is no need for on-site servers for cloud hosting. There are multiple benefits of cloud hosting, such as high scalability due to the availability of virtual resources, high availability of the website due to multiple servers, high website performance due to the distribution of the internet traffic across multiple cloud servers and fewer incidents of hardware malfunction due to use of virtual machines.

Studio 21 is the go-to agency for the Best Cloud Hosting Gold Coast. We provide fully managed cloud hosting services for business websites and monthly maintenance. Our cloud hosting services are specially customised for WordPress websites. Hallmarks of our cloud web hosting management include fast user experience, improved SEO rankings, and high levels of data protection.

Technical features of our cloud web hosting services are as follows:

  • SSD-Only cloud hosting ensures 300% swifter access to files and databases
  • Powerful web hosting control panel called cPanel
  • Free data backups on a daily basis
  • Websites optimised for high speed and performance using WP Rocket

Monthly maintenance services include but are not limited to Security Updates, Core WordPress Upgrades, Spam Removal, Theme and Plugin Upgrades, Google Analytics Reporting and Monthly Security Scans.

Google Ads Management

Studio 21 offers Google Ads management services to create effective ad campaigns to drive qualified leads and optimise performance. We understand your business needs and objectives and build a customised Google Ads campaign accordingly. Our services include keyword research and grouping, ad creation, landing page optimisation and monthly reporting.

Website Design & Development

Website design and development services are provided to create highly functional and user-friendly websites. From planning a website strategy based on your business requirements and designing the website’s architecture to developing, testing, and deploying the website, we provide complete solutions for business websites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO services are also provided to develop data-driven search engine optimisation strategies tailored to business objectives. We specialise in every aspect of SEO, such as content creation, on-page optimisation, market research, keyword strategy, site technical audit, and more.

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If you’re looking to enhance your website presence, improve your Google Ads, rank higher in Google, and elevate your brand online, reach out to Studio 21 for more information.


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