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The majority of customers in modern times search for products and services online. As per a survey, 6 of every 10 customers expect brands to have their own dedicated websites. Thus, having an online presence in the form of a website is a basic requirement for any brand in the current digital era. Moreover, a website is a highly effective medium for a business to market its products and services to a huge online audience and acquire more customers. However, it is necessary to create highly engaging and user-friendly websites to compete in the market. To this end, the services of competent professionals is indispensable.

Studio 21 is the best option for businesses seeking Website Development Gold Coast. Our expert website designers and developers have more than two decades of experience in creating high-end customised websites across a large number of business sectors. Apart from website designing and development, Studio21 also offers cloud hosting, SEO and Google Ad management services.

Web Development Services

Studio 21 offers Website Development Gold Coast tailored to the specific needs and goals of the business. We specialise in the WordPress and Shopify platforms to develop highly responsive, user-friendly and aesthetically superior websites. Our websites are developed for cross platform compatibility such as mobiles, tablets, PCs, laptops and other devices.

The first stage is website design strategy which is formulated on the basis of the particular needs of the business such as target audience and business goals. Second stage is wireframing, prototyping and user testing to create a user-friendly and intuitive UX design for the website. Third stage is user interface designing to create a superior user interface in terms of both functionalities and aesthetics. Fourth stage is the website development process based on the website design strategy and UI/UX design. An initial version of the website is created which is subjected to testing. Final stage is the launching and deployment of the final version of the website after making improvements to the initial version. Support and maintenance services are provided after launch to ensure optimal performance of the website.

Web Hosting and Other Services

Studio 21 offers fully-managed cloud-based web hosting services to businesses. The services come with several benefits such as access to a highly powerful web hosting control panel called cPanel, SSD-only cloud providing 300% faster access to files and databases, free daily data backups, enterprise class data centres delivering optimal website speed/user experience and much more.

Studio 21 also offers strategic SEO plans to increase the visibility of the websites of its clients in the search results pages of Google and other search engines. SEO services include keywords and market research, content strategy and creation, site technical audit, On-page SEO implementation and Google analytics and reporting.

Google Ad management services include keyword research, campaign optimisation and feedback, maximising profits through bids adjustments and detailed monthly reports on the performance of the campaign.

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